• About Us

    As GGN Engineering company, which was established under the light of GÜRGENLER AŞ that took creating satisfaction by bringing the high quality products together with its customer as main principle, we set out to be a national company based on sustainable trust strategy that keeps the product quality as well as our staff’s security of life at the highest level.

    In a world where dependency on technology grows each passing day, renewable energy and accordingly the electrical energy became an inevitable aspect of social life. Electrical energy consumption is one of the most important indicators of economic and social development.

    Especially in our developing country, we face urbanization and industrialization, which emerged as a result of fast population growth, through the increased demand of electrical energy. Therefore, the increase of life standard in Turkey causes the growth of electrical energy demand. We aim to continue our improvement of our place by reaching the growth rate we had planned without making any concessions from quality standard principles in energy sector, which has increasingly growing importance.

    In GGN Engineering, being the new investment towards this direction, we fabricate,

    in our 6000 m² factory established on an open area of 19.000 m²:

    • Geothermal power plants
    • Pipe spool,
    • Steam boilers and equipment,
    • Duct productions,
    • Launcher & Receiver units,
    • Skid Production,
    • Decomposition units,
    • Overheating units,
    • Exchanger groups
    • Pressure vessels,
    • Test Equipments,
    • And special welded fabrications

    We also give service in carbon steel and stainless groups as well as 16Mo3, P11, P22 and P91 product groups.

    Being a producing company with ASME S and U Stamp and Pressure Piping certificates, our company also has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and  ISO 45001 certificates.

    By November 2016, GGN ENGINEERING has started the preparations for the approval of Nuclear NPT and NR Stamps.

  • Mission

    The inclusion of cheap and short-lived materials in the projects unavoidably hurts the Turkish economy in long-term and causes current deficit. As GGN Engineering it is our principal target to contribute to the country economy, increase competition on the basis of differences we created in the sector and generate permanent values through the registration of our fabrication quality through such certification.

    In energy sector, which has never backed down in the last 150 years and its importance has increased every passing year, we with our expert staff of more than 150 people set out to serve the leading European companies and we aim to continue make a distinguished name for ourselves as GGN Engineering thanks to our successes. 

    Our country, being among the main energy consumers and suppliers in terms of strategically in addition to having a wide local market, is in a position of a regional energy center.  As GGN Engineering, by considering that the investments are always calculated as long-term however only 10% of the sector use quality and correct pricing policy, we aim to be part of the Turkish side of the newly starting projects with our quality as a result of the advantage our country’s strategic importance brings as well as the confidence the important projects we participated in and success we achieved brings. 

    In addition to creating renewable energy types such as water, wind, geothermal and other energy types, we will take part as GGN Engineering in the creation of waste treatment and waste recycling facilities which are as equally important as the renewable resources in Turkey’s energy strategy.

    We believe that every-day changing sociopolitical dynamics of the world will be on behalf of Turkey as of 2015. As GÜRGENLER family, we always took quality our main principle and we believe that our growth will continue and our export will increase as a company that accepts continuing in accordance with this principle and supports right and just competition.

  • Quality

    Quality Assurance System (QA) and Quality Control System (QC)

    " Quality is a respect shown towards the customer "

     As GGN Engineering, we meet the customer need and expectation at a maximum level. For the purpose of realizing the aimed quality of our company, we continue our customer-based production through Quality Assurance System (QA) and Quality Control System (QC), which we can define as the combination of planned and systematic activities. For this purpose, we have our production certified with ASME S, U Stamp and PP certificates.

    Besides within the framework of continuous quality understanding, our company has ISO 9001, EN ISO 3834-2, EN ISO 1090-2 EXC-2, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates.

    As GGN Engineering, we have contracted with TUV Austria which is being the notified body and third party inspection company as our quality control unit as being second party for our full time productions.

    Our Quality Control System improves the product quality, and with our Quality Control System it finds the mistakes on the products that are produced through focusing on the result, and thus we enable the continuation of the quality in fabricating the most quality products we can.

    Through our continous Quality Assurance System (QA) the prevention of further mistakes are tried to be achieved by merely focusing on the procedure; and through Quality Control System (QC) we try to produce the most quality products by finding mistakes in the product claimed to have been completed. 

    The role of quality control is to reveal the mistakes within the product after the product is produced and before it is released into the market. Thus, the product quality is protected.

    Quality Assurance (QA), creates a good quality management system, and the evaluation of this system is conducted by inspecting the suitability of the operational system to this quality system by reviewing the quality management system itself. Quality Control (QC) on the other hand is applied by finding the resources of the quality problems and eliminating them by using tools and equipment in order to guarantee that the needs of the customers are always met.

    By November 2016, GGN Engineering has started the preparations for the approval of Nuclear NPT and NR stamps.

  • Career

    "Right Person for the Right Job"

    GGN Engineering follows a process-driven approach in the subjects of hiring, training and performance evaluation. With effective measuring and evaluation techniques, it is aimed to acquire “Right Person for the Right Job” for the company.

    Our target is to work with qualified people, who love their jobs, open to learning, has high performance and high awareness of responsibility and communication skills and who has spirits of a leader and to keep the customer satisfaction at its highest level.

    Training Planning and Continuous Development

    For the purposes of actualizing the business objectives of the staff and increasing individual performances, training requests coming from the units are considered with the contribution of the managers and the training contents are created. Throughout the year, trainings are renewed for the purpose of increasing qualification, proficiency and management skills and the understanding of continuity in education is adopted.

    With the outcome of this department’s multi-functional structure, we increase our rate of success by clarifying the definitions of duty thanks to the clearly executed duty definition and distribution phase.

    Pricing System and Side Benefits

    A salary system based on the performance is determined for the purpose of gaining talented people to the company.

    Thanks to the objective evaluation of performance and success, our employees have the feeling of doing their best and thus a peaceful work environment emerges naturally. Through the firsts we create to the sector as a company respectful towards environment and humanity and through our product quality we will continue to grow.

  • OHS

    Prioritizing customer satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction and loyalty, GGN Engineering follows the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) laws meticulously. 

    Having certain targets and vision, GGN Engineering gives great importance to the advantage of corporate culture it aims to create together with the man power. As an employer; we accept Occupational Health and Safety culture as part of our vision.

    Employers’ sensitivity towards OHS come out as informing the staff, taking necessary precautions against potential threats at workplace, and realizing that preparing a safe work environment will minimize the work accidents. In order to keep the health of the staff socially, psychologically and physically at the highest possible level, enabling sanitary work conditions and production equipment, and to create work and worker accord by protecting the staff from detrimental effects, GGN Engineering performs all the necessary regulation and works.

    Subject of occupational health and safety, which became important due to the recent work accidents and results such as becoming disabled or death, was able to create awareness in society. That is why, it is GGN Engineering’s primary aim to provide staff safety and security, to prevent injuries and occupational diseases and to protect the environment. Through periodical controls that will be conducted by our physician at work, personnel health is kept under control.

    In addition to these, our employees take regular satisfaction surveys and we share the application results with them in an objective way. We go under necessary regulations towards survey results. Being aware that quality is a compound GGN Engineering continues production in accordance with the necessary legislations with its employees, working environments and working conditions by being aware of the fact that Occupational Health and Safety is one of the most important building blocks of the total quality.



  • Pipe Spool Fabrication

    GGN engineering through the fabrication of Pipe spool, which is the purpose of its establishment, meets the piping system needs in the highest level industrial facility projects such as refinery, petroleum chemical facilities, recycling facilities and geothermal power plants.

    We provide service particularly to all carbon steel groups as well as 16Mo3, 13CrMo 4-5, 10CrMo 9-10, P5, P11, P22 and P91 alloyed groups. As GGN engineering we earned the right to receive ASME PP certificate in March 2015, and reached a level to be able to serve all ASME Pressure Piping projects. We make turn-key projects including the coating and painting without any tonnage or diameter limits.

  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication

    For the storage of fluids and to include them into the process during its progression, the fluids must get through pressure vessels.There are many areas of usage including boiler, Industrial Gas Tanks, Gas Tubes, Pipelines, Cooling Units, Air Tanks and LPG.

    As GGN Engineering, we completed ASME S and U stamp certifications as of March 2015 by using the newest technological opportunities and now we can produce pressure vessel and boilers for all ASME projects.

    The design of process equipment such as pressure vessel and exchanger can be performed by the design department within our own company in accordance with the ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, Sec. 1, TEMA, AD-2000 and EN norms.

    Apart from the ASME stamped pressure vessel fabrication, AD200 merkblatter and PED 97/23/CE conformed tanks are also produced.

    Our main service group is P355GH, P235GH, P245GH, 265GH, P295GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo 4-5, 10CrMo 9-10 tank groups.

  • Steel Fabrication

    The steel usage increased as a result of the industrial development in the 19th and 20th century. Thanks to its wide area of usage, possibility to shape (such as pipe, profile, round iron, flat steel) and technical specifications, steel became the most important construction material of the 21st century. In addition to all of these, steel is the most commonly recycled material in the world. This creates resource and energy conservation.

    Primarily the steel support and constructions needed for spool and pressure vessels that are within our product range, we as GGN Engineering also fabricate steel skids necessary for the power plants within our facilities.

  • Test Services

    We provide a certain level of standardization in our products through test services. Standardization and quality is a field necessitating expertise. We as GÜRGENLER family provide the most quality products to our customers by adding test services to our years of experience and expertise.

    Standardization, provided through test services, is beneficial to both manufacturers and to consumers and directly to economy. The producer can base its production on certain plan and programs; he can minimize the loss and surplus and thus lower the expense. The consumer on the other hand experiences the short-term and long-term advantages of using quality products, which went under certain test services.

    Test services; encourage quality, eliminates the effort, time and raw material loss that can occur as a result of low quality level production; directs the industry towards certain targets, helps the improvement of quality in production, develops the competition in the market and erases the bad quality good off the market.

    Provided test services:

    • Chemical analyses
    • Spectral analyses
    • Creep tests
    • Pulling tests
    • Shear tests
    • Hardness tests
    • Impact tests
    • UT tests
    • MT tests
    • MPI tests
    • Hydrostatic tests
  • Design and Engineering

    Making customer satisfaction its main principle, we as GGN Engineering are aware how important a well-planned project is to use the time correctly and to provide the optimum economic conditions. In that sense, we work hard to meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level possible through our specialty, experience and correct planning.

    In accordance with these values, we provide service in terms of drawing the isometry, creating the designs or re-planning of the pipes when the conditions compel.



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